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NBS Chorus Plans and Features ROI Calculator NBS Source NBS Schumann New


NBS Chorus Plans and Features ROI Calculator NBS Source NBS Schumann New


NBS Chorus has a flexible set of plans, with options available for everyone



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NBS Chorus

Essential features for high quality specifications

Choose between the Uniclass 2015 classification or Common Arrangement of Works (CAWS). Both classification systems are priced separately.
Chorus works with a range of content sets and libraries to suit your way of working. Choose from the full range in section two below this table.
Add, edit and park specification articles
Rapidly create and edit your specification and remove any unnecessary detail.
Synchronised guidance and suggested values
Specialist guidance is displayed alongside the specification as you work. Authored and updated to the latest standards by the NBS team.
Publish to multiple formats
Print and export a selection or the full specification to MS Word and PDF.
Add tables into your spec New
Tables can be added into article and clause rows and organisation and specification notes
Mark parts of the spec as complete New
Mark articles and clauses in your specification as complete, and a pie chart will be displayed to show how many items are finished to help you track your progress.
Keep track of changes made to the contents of your specification and compare against previous versions in the publishing history.
Collaborate in the cloud with your colleagues
Work together with colleagues on the same specification at the same time, making updates in real time.
Consultancy bundle Soon
Access expert support and resource directly in Chorus from spec consultants, NBS Schumann.
Manufacturer product information
Fully integrated with NBS Source. Choose from 25,000 products from over 1,000 manufacturers ready for your projects.
Model integration
Develop your model and your specification together directly inside Revit, Archicad or Vectorworks.
Multiple licences
Purchase multiple licences, and run concurrently so the whole team can access Chorus from anywhere.
Collaborate in the cloud with the project team
Invite multiple users from different organisations and locations into your specification.
Copy specifications between organisations New
Copy content from one organisation’s specification to another.
Master specifications
Build up a library of commonly used clauses tailored to your organisation and your clients, ready to use on new projects in an instant.
Advanced specification writing bundle New
Advanced set of features to streamline your specification writing like never before.
Create customised templates for your specifications which automatically include your brand and style.
Specification notes
Record project decisions directly in your specification as it’s developed such as why a clause has been parked, a design preference or an essential health and safety requirement.
Export submittals and import into leading CDEs
Instantly export a full list of submittals from your spec in one click. Choose to export in a format suitable for a number of leading Common Data Environments, including Autodesk BIM 360, Newforma and Viewpoint.
Organisation-wide notes New
Supplement the NBS technical guidance with your organisation knowledge to help all specifiers across your organisation in better decision making.
Summary schedule New
Flag clauses relevant for early-stage specification decisions and quickly view these in a schedule for easy editing and publishing

NBS Chorus

Essential features for high quality specifications


Choose your content


Building systems and construction products for the design of new buildings and renovation, e.g. masonry walls and timber framing.


Building Services

Mechanical and electrical engineering sections and products for new buildings and renovation projects e.g. heating, gas supply, lighting and CCTV and plumbing.


Natural flora and fauna sections. Products for landscape design, plus building sections including fencing, street furniture and paving.



Grading, drainage, embankments and paving and also includes some structural sections to support for Civil engineering projects.


Structural sections for buildings, e.g. foundations, piling, beams and columns, including for some Civil engineering projects


International Options

Options to add UK and Australian content that support the regions standards and regulations.

We include the full content for the CMS & NMS and this content can be tailored to your needs.


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