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The new specification writing and consultancy service from NBS

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NBS Chorus Plans and Features ROI Calculator NBS Source NBS Schumann New


NBS Chorus Plans and Features ROI Calculator NBS Source NBS Schumann New

NBS Chorus



NBS Chorus Designer

NBS Chorus Designer is a cost-effective offering created specifically for organisations who want to coordinate the design model with the specification but don’t need all users to edit or write specification content.  It’s perfect for design teams to view and annotate NBS specifications within their own modelling environment. 

Coordinate your workflow

Coordinate your workflow

NBS Chorus Designer enables users to annotate the design model in Revit, Vectorworks or Archicad directly from the specification, view guidance and add notes using the innovative Specification Notes feature.

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Improve collaboration

Improve collaboration

Tailor your subscription to suit your team’s roles and projects and allow the whole project team to work together within NBS Chorus. Multiple users across different offices and locations can develop the model and specification together, making instant updates.

Plans and Features
Reduce risk

Reduce risk

Keep all specification annotations in sync with the model. Automatic alerts are provided when any changes occur, reducing the risk of incorrect information being used which can lead to mistakes.

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29 November 2022

Join our webinar with Dr Stephen Hamil (Innovation Director at NBS) to learn more about NBS Chorus Designer and how it will benefit your organisation to work efficiently and collaborate seamlessly on projects. 

Chris Dixon from Franklin and Ellis Architects will join the session to demonstrate how his organisation uses NBS Chorus Designer to sync their information and speed up project delivery. 

There will be an opportunity to ask questions during the session. 

24 October 2022
The new Designer role has been created in NBS Chorus to allow users to make associations between model objects and specification references in NBS plug-ins, without permission to edit the specification content. This article explains the role and permission levels in more detail.
Connect NBS Chorus specification information with your model. Co-ordination between spec and mode for Revit, Archicad & Vectorworks.

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"My favourite thing about Chorus is the ability to have multiple users making instant updates while developing models and the specification simultaneously. This is a must in the current era of the building industry".

Meena Sankar, Rider Levett Bucknall