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The new specification writing and consultancy service from NBS

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NBS Chorus Plans and Features ROI Calculator NBS Source NBS Schumann New


NBS Chorus Plans and Features ROI Calculator NBS Source NBS Schumann New

Introducing Bundles

Bundles are a range of advanced feature packages that will revolutionise how you produce specifications. Taking NBS Chorus to the next level, these bundles are designed to enhance your specification writing process and streamline your workflows like never before.



Advanced Specification Writer

Perfect for organisations seeking enhanced specification capabilities. This bundle includes:

  • Detailed revisions: Keep your project team informed about specification changes with precision. Our comprehensive revision tracking feature ensures clarity on all modifications. Watch this video to learn more.
  • Cross-project and master search: Easily search across your Chorus specifications and masters to find specific information your team has specified. Save time by pinpointing the information you need, when you need it.
  • Variables: Save time, ensure consistency, and eliminate costly errors in your spec. Use variables instead of repetitive text to keep project-specific terms consistent throughout.


Advanced Masters (coming soon)

Specifically designed for organisations looking to maximise their master specifications. This bundle enables you to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and project collaboration. It includes:

  • Group permissions: Grant the same access level to project and master folders for all Chorus user groups in your organisation. Enable seamless collaboration and ensure everyone has the necessary information.
  • Master change notifications: Keep your teams informed about significant changes made to your masters that impact their projects. Stay connected and maintain consistency across your organisation.


Consultancy (coming soon)

Provided by our NBS Schumann team, this bundle grants exclusive access to expert insights, advice, and guidance for your specifications. It includes: 

  • Ask the experts: Connect with consultants via NBS Chorus for direct specification assistance.
  • Training: Choose from various courses covering NBS Chorus utilization, specification theory, and practical implementation. 
  • Meet with an expert: Schedule online sessions with our team to address your specific challenges. 
  • Resource Library: Access knowledge articles, videos, and CPD materials to enhance your team's skills.
  • Specification Reviews: Our experts can assess your project specifications and offer recommendations.