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Get your time back, specify 50-70% faster

Your time is valuable, and using different versions of Word documents is risky. NBS Chorus is a powerful tool that revolutionizes how you'll write specs

  • Access your work anywhere, anytime on Chorus, our fully cloud-based platform.
  • Reduce disputes and liability with master templates you build yourself and reuse again and again.
  • Use workflows you normally rely on with comprehensive always up-to-date, authoritative content for the Canadian Master Specifications (CMS) and/or the National Master Specifications (NMS) as well as UK and Australian content plus the Uniclass 2015 Global standard.
  • Increase your speed to completion with real-time collaboration and concurrent multiple users.
  • Take your specs to the next level with the baked-in model and specification utility of Revit®.
  • Save costs using our floating license model where licenses can be shared across multiple users.


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